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Aluminium Folding Trolley
  • Aluminium Folding Trolley

    Aluminium Folding Trolley


    The possabilities are endless with these amazing folding trolleys.

    Fold them up and pop them away in the car boot, a cupboard or tucked away anywhere. Pull them out and put them to work on the road, in the office or anywhere.

    Strong, cushioned, pucture proof wheels make them smooth and easy to use. Their aluminium construct makes them super light weight and still very strong.


    • Product Specification

        Small Large
      Collapsed Height 630mm 790mm
      Extended height 1000mm 1060mm
      Thickness Folded 55mm 65mm
      Overall Width 400mm 515mm
      Wheel Size 125mm 175mm
      Load Capacity 60kg 125kg


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