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AWS Longspan Image 2.png

LONGSPAN SHELVING is our superior storage solution. Designed for fitting into squeezy spots and for holding boxes, parts or anything that is reasonably heavy. It holds impressive weights of up to 815kg per shelf (and a maximum of 4000kg per bay). We hold so many sizes that we challenge you to find a space we can't fit out within 20cm 


1st Select the height and depth of the Upright Frame (you will need 2 frames for your first bay and 1 frame for any add on bays). 

2nd Select how many shelves you want, the shelf length and depth (the depth will need to match your upright frame depth,

Remember to allow 60mm for each frame required. For example if you purchase a 1500mm long shelf the external dimension of the rack will be 1620mm. This will be 60mm for each of the 2 frames and 1500mm for the shelf.

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