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OUR MISSION is to provide outstanding customer service, quality products, great prices and most importantly an easy transaction for our customers. This is an easy cliché to have in our mission statement but it is what we base our business on. We strongly believe that the best customer you can have is the one that keeps coming back.

OUR COMMITMENT to achieving our mission can be seen in the quality service that we provide, from the initial email, phone call or online purchase, you will always be welcomed by friendly & professional staff who value you as a customer. We want to see you come back again and again and thats is why we are committed to making every transaction simple, fast and most importantly, enjoyable....


If you have been dealing with Adelaide Warehouse Supplies, or Unirack SA then you will know we very rarely adjust our prices, but from time to time we do need to make some adjustment inline with supplier and manufacturer cost prices. We reserve the right to adjust prices on this website at anytime and without notice. If you have purchased an item online where the sell price has changed but has not been updated on our website, you will be given the option to proceed at the new price or if you would prefer you will be offered the opportunity to cancel the order. We don't imagine this will ever happen but it is important that we let you know our website pricing is not guaranteed to be 100% and may differ from our actual product RRP.


This privacy statement was made by Adelaide Warehouse Supplies (AWS) and was updated on 28th August 2018 in relation to our website

It is a legal requirement that we advise all our customers that we collect some private information like names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. This is required for us to be able to fulfil your order. If you decide not to provide any personal information on the website please give us a call and we can look after you privately offline.


It is important that you know we only record the minimum amount of information required and the information you provide is NOT passed on, sold or leaked to any other business other than our own. Your information is kept privately and securely with us.

We treat your private information with the importance that it deserves and you WILL NOT get flooded with emails from us anytime soon.

We may send the occasional email to all our valued customers letting them know about new products, pricing adjustments, special offers or any important changes to our business that may affect them. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list please advise us.


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- Eftpos

- Credit Cards

​- Direct Deposit

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