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About Us

Yes, the wonder of the super important “About Us" page on every website.


In developing our website all the professional IT people told us how important this page is, how you need to sell yourself to your customers and how you have to make everything perfect for SEO (abbreviation for some technical internet search stuff). 


Well, we took all their advice and did none of it. Instead of telling you how good we are, we encourage you to try us. How do we do this, well that's easy!! We supply AWSome products at amazing prices and back it up with good old fashioned customer service.


With AWS you deal with real people who value every customer like they are family (okay that was a bit cheesy but its kind of true). We know that if we treat you right we will see you again and we know that if we don't treat you right it may be last time we see you. Obviously we want to see you again so you can expect really good service.


Simplicity, thats the word that best describes what we do. We take the dull task of ordering your warehouse supplies from loads of suppliers and simplify your purchasing process. Yep we simply, simplify things (do you like what I did with the over use of the word simple). You can get everything you need from the one place, AWS has it all, if we don't have it we will get it for you… Simple.


Enough about us, lets talk about you… AWS has a rather broad customer base, we are here to supply the biggest warehouses in Adelaide, the little shop around the corner or anyone who walks through our doors. You don't need to own a warehouse to buy from us because we don't limit our customer base to a specific industry. We look after anyone who needs the stuff we sell. With AWS you will get the same treatment if you only want to buy a Mop as you will if you looking to fill warehouse full of Shelving or Pallet Jacks


If you're still reading this page you must be interested, or wanting to know more.  So gives us a call, send us an email or place your order and see how we go...

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