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50L Parts Storage - Closed Front

50L Parts Storage - Closed Front

SKU: 50012

These super heavy duty parts storage bins are ideal for just about anything. Being stackable makes them versatile so that you can create the perfect parts storage system. Designed with a vented bottom to allow airflow and reduce dust building up in the bin, these are a must have in any store, warehouse, workshop or even just the back shed.


These parts bins are made from "Foodgrade" Polyproylene so you know you are buying a premium grade product that is tough, will last forever and can also be used for food storage.

  • Product Specifications

    Colour - Dark Grey

    Volume - 50L

    Food Grade - Yes

    Stackable - Yes

    Weight - 2.5kg


    Dimensions External Internal
    Length 580mm 518mm
    Width 385mm 335mm
    Height 320mm 295mm


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