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FLASH DRY / High Performance Glass & Window Cleaner
  • FLASH DRY / High Performance Glass & Window Cleaner

    What is Flash Dry?

    Boost your cleaning power with "Flash Dry" It is a high-performance glass and window cleaner that evaporates ultra-fast. It effectively removed grease and grime from shiny surfaces, kills germs and leaving no streaks, smears or residues. It’s designed for spray-and-wipe cleaning of glass, chrome and all shiny surfaces.


    Key Benefits

    • Blasts away smudges, oily films, finger-prints & other dirt
    • Evaporates ultra-fast to reduce the amount of wiping needed, keeping the cloth drier for longer
    • Makes cleaning faster
    • Leaves glass smear-free
    • Anti-bacterial: Kills 99.9% of germs.
    • Anti-static so reduces dust-cling
    • Pleasantly perfumed to lightly deodorise
    • Non-Dangerous Goods
    • Safe on window tint film
    • Versatile – not just a glass cleaner, Flash Dry cleans all shiny surfaces


    How Does It Work?

    "Flash Dry" contains a specially developed blend of alcohol solvents and low-residue surfactants in an aqueous base. These ingredients dissolve oils and release soilage from the surface being cleaned.

    For Use On …


    "Flash Dry" will remove smudges, oily films, finger-prints and general soilage from glass, shiny laminates, stainless steel, chrome and perspex surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning windows, tinted glass, mirrors, display cabinets, table-tops, benches, poker machines, car, truck and bus windscreens, and a wide variety of other shiny, hard surfaces.

    • Product Specification

      Perfume No
      Color Blue 
      PH Level 8.5 (+/- 0.5)
      Size 750ml, 5L & 20L
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