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MICROSAN / Antibacterial Hand Soap - Kills Germs

MICROSAN / Antibacterial Hand Soap - Kills Germs

SKU: 10063

What is Microsan?

MICROSAN is a thick anti-bacterial liquid hand soap that provides a rich foam and kills germs on the skin. It contains premium grade mild cleansers to float away dirt and grime.


Main Benefits

  • Is more economical than bar and other liquid soaps because there is no waste, no pilferage and less chance of over-use with
  • In the washroom soap dispensers
  • Is gentle enough to be used throughout the day
  • Leaves the hands soft and supple
  • Is anti-bacterial


For use on…

MICROSAN is a gentle hand cleanser for use in offices, washrooms and factories where moderate to light soilage must be washed from the hands. MICROSAN readily produces a rich lather that floats away dirt and grime from the hands and leaves the skin soft and supple.

  • Product Specification

    Color Orange Transparent
    Perfume Floral
    PH Level 6.0   +/- 0.5
    Size 5L & 20L
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