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Pallet Jacks - High Lift
  • Pallet Jacks - High Lift

    SKU: 30043

    If you need to get a heavy pallet up to a safe working height these High Lift Pallet Jacks are perfect. With a lift height of 800mm they will get the product to a height where you dont need to be bending down all the time.

    The stabilty bars keep everything safe to avoid pallets from tipping over.

    Please refer to the product specifications for more details.



    • Product Specifications

      Load Capacity:   1000kg

      Fork Outside Distance:   680mm

      Fork Inside Distance:   350mm

      Fork Length:   1150mm

      Maximum Lift Height:   800mm

      Lowered Lift Height:   85mm

      Front Wheel: Polyurethane

      Total Weight: 135kg

      Warranty: 12 Months (please refer to Warranty Terms & Conditions)

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