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Plastic Bin  N-060
  • Plastic Bin N-060

    SKU: 50005

    Our range of plastic bins are premium grade at an affordable price.

    This is our "HUGE" bin and as the name suggests there is not a lot that you cant store in these guys


    Designed to be used on its own as a storage container, stacked on top of each other to create a bank of bins or mounted on a lovered panel, these bins have a need in any warehouse, store, workshop or just in your shed.


    *please note, if using this bin on a louvered panel it will need to be a heavy duty one or the excess weight may damage the panel. The AWS panel is more than capable as it is designed for these big bins and storing heavy items.

    • Product Specifications

      Size: 440mm(L) 410mm(W) 210mm(H)

      Colour: YELLOW

      Stackable: YES

      Louvered Panel: YES

      Divider Available: Yes (Product Code: AWSBINDIV-N060)

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