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Standard Pallet Racking Workbench
  • Standard Pallet Racking Workbench

    Pallet Racking Workbenches 

    If you need a seriously heavy duty workbench you cant go past one of these.

    They are available in 2 lengths (1829mm and 2591mm), and 2 depths (838mm and 1219mm)


    Standard Features:

    2x Upright Frames (pre-assembled and ready for insatallation)

    4x Post Caps (perfect fit in the posts so there are no sharp edges

    4x Beams (step profile to suit the 25mm timber shelves)

    8x Beam Locking Pins

    1x Bench Top (25mm MDF Board)

    1x Under Shelf (25mm MDF Board)

    4x Base Plates (to bolt the bench down if required)



    • If you need a mobile workbench you could consider a wheel kit. These kits include 4 heavy duty castor wheels that easily bolt on the base of the bench making it easy to push around
    • Looking for something with tool storage behind the bench, you should check out the high back bench or give us a call and see if we can cutomise the perfect bench for you.
    • Product Specifications

      Upright Frame Height 914mm
      Bench Top Height 900mm
      Undershelf Height Adjustable
      Bench Depth 838mm / 1219mm
      External Length 2000mm / 2800mm
      Beam / Timber Length 1829mm / 2591mm


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